VPS Hosting - 100% SSD & 99.9% Uptime

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Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in Zambia

Get an independent VPS instance with dedicated resources.

New VPS with full SSD storage space for even faster performance. 

At an incredible price of ZMW990/month, you can have - 4CPU Cores, 8GB RAM, 200GB SSD, 200 Mbit/s. Linux/Windows OS included plus other Add-ons like cPanel & Plesk. Full Root Access. DDoS Protection Included with unlimited traffic and no data-cap.

Take advantage of our Cloud powered VPS hosting in Zambia and enjoy increased power, flexibility, and control for your VPS servers. 

Our VPS are now equipped with snapshot technology for your quick system recovery!

Choose your powerful VPS

Our VPS Servers are Next-Gen - 100% SSD

Our VPS servers' configurations combine state-of-the-art AMD RAZEN processors with high-capacity rapid SSDs. 

We don't throttle or restrict traffic at anytime — ever.

Affordable Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

WebZ VPS hosting service is fully scalable offering powerful hardware that is easy to customise to grow with your business.

Because Virtual Private Servers at WebZ are virtualized on hardware level, you get full benefits of the hardware components used to build the server on which your VPS is hosted. This directly translates in a better performance. Get independent computing instance and be a trail blazer!

Our VPS performance & prices are unmatched!

vps hosting in zambia

Get Your Powerful SSD VPS

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

  • 99.9% Uptime guaranteed
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Multi Data Centers
  • Full Virtualization
  • 100% Fast SSD Included
  • Quick Provisioning


6 vCPU Cores / 100% SSD

1 month K1,390/Month was K1,800
Save K410/month
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 6 vCPU Cores

 16 GB Memory

 400 GB SSD Storage

 400 Mbit/s Port


8 vCPU Cores / 100% SSD

( Most Preferred )

1 month K1,690/Month was K1,950
Save K260/month
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 8 vCPU Cores

 30 GB RAM

 800 GB SSD

 600 Mbit/s Port


10 vCPU Cores / 100% SSD

1 month K2,320/Month was K2,900
Save K580/month
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 10 vCPU Cores

 60 GB RAM

 1.6 TB SSD

 1 Gbit/s Port

Need more power? Dedicated Hosting is the answer!

Suitable for larger web projects that require high performance levels and their own network connection.
icon: Dedicated server for SMEs

Dedicated VPS hosting

If it is dozens of SQL queries per second, tens of thousands of website visitors per day or any data intensive applications - you rarely will find a way to bring these High-end VPS' down. Enjoy world-class performance with powerful dedicated hardware, bandwidth and processing power, that comes with these servers without worrying about server administration.